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PC Advisor The Asus N10Jc succeeds in many ways, but its price, in the US at least, should prompt you to consider whether you’d be better off to jump from the mini-notebook class altogether in favour of a heavier, all-purpose laptop with an optical drive. That said, this netbook may not be best for graphically demanding games. There is no denying the Asus N10J is an interesting machine, it’s powerful and comes with a decent battery life. So, details like letters are bigger. Overall, the N10J is solid with a good deal of flexibility and it contains a swag of useful features that should make it high on the list of netbook choices for those who want a modicum of power and excellent battery life. Even with the graphics turned on, the N10J performed similarly to other Atom-powered Netbooks in our benchmark tests and in casual use.

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Several small asus n10j to last year’s and the asus n10j Intel processors all add up to Asus unter 12 Zoll Notebooks bei Geizhals. With the GPU turned aasus, the system impressed, lasting about 90 minutes longer in casual use. Best Laptops for Even with the graphics turned on, the N10J performed similarly to other Atom-powered Netbooks in our benchmark tests and in casual use.

The chat qsus is Pidgin, a multi-client program included with many Linux-powered netbooks.

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It also helps that the slightly bigger inch design gives you more room to work with than 9-inch Netbooks. Adblock users see more ads. The N10 has the form factor of a netbook, allowing for asus n10j portability, while trying to be a full laptop. It’s no match for the HP Asus n10j ‘s excellent keyboard, but it’s an improvement on the tiny keys found asus n10j most Netbooks. It includes switchable graphics to change from performance mode to power-saving mode.

So, details like asus n10j are bigger. Although more capacious than the flash drives found in many rivals, it also consumes more power.

Preis zufriedenstellend Single Review, online asus n10j, Long, Date: A physical switch on the left side of the system, however, actually turns axus GeForce off; this is useful when you’re away from an AC outlet and want to extend battery life. While you do get asus n10j classier looking design with a much nicer paint scheme and slightly slimmer look, you pay a price asus n10j over the Eee PC Even when you choose an app, such as the browser, the remaining icons will still line the bottom of the screen, so you can switch gears quickly.

Build quality is impressive, with sturdy plastics used asus n10j. The screen resolution was too low to properly run our Photoshop test, but in anecdotal use, we were able asus n10j work with images in Photoshop without completely slowing down the system.

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That’s not bad, but this endurance falls short of other netbooks with six-cell batteries, which have an average runtime of 5: Unlike Asus’ other high-end Netbook, the Eee PC Swhose price premium is put toward design and a slim case that’s less than 1 inch thick, the N10J has a more traditional, slightly chunky Netbook chassis. Computer Shopper If all you need is e-mail asus n10j Web access on the go, one of the less-expensive netbooks on the market should suffice. Above the keyboard are buttons for toggling between high-performance and battery-saving modes, turning the computer on, and launching a draggable zoom box that can magnify on-screen text up to three times.

You’ll pay a bit more for asus n10j privilege, but the end result works for gaming on the go, as long as you don’t mind dialing down your game settings. However, the extra power is bound asus n10j affect battery life. asus n10j

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It is simply designed as asua black colored DVD external writer. However, for the price it just doesn’t live up to expectations and it’s hard to see who its target audience will asus n10j. Clips from Saturday Night Live on Hulu. The x pixel resolution was sufficient; we didn’t have to ashs any horizontal scrolling, and asus n10j less vertical scrolling than with netbooks whose resolution is x This premium netbook, aimed at business users, offers switchable graphics, a huge hard drive, and a speedy instant-on OS.

ASUS N10J-A2 Review

With more power than the average netbook it is a great solution asus n10j those looking for a secondary computer and for some such as myself as their main notebook. But the asus n10j to do some casual gaming makes the Asus N10J an almost irresistible travel companion if you’re a PC game azus and can live with the limitations of a very low screen resolution and asus n10j low-power CPU.

Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Asus n10j asis capable and asus n10j Netbook, it’s difficult to see just who the Asus N10J is aimed at.

The quality, however, was pleasant; it wasn’t too tinny when we streamed Internet radio. When does a jumbo mini-notebook officially become an ultraportable laptop?