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The palm rest and keyboard sit firmly in place. However, it’s not the Nvidia Optimus that controls the switch but rather an older multiplexer switch. Lots of power within a Loudspeakers The logo, “Dolby Home Theater”, above the keyboard jumps at the user and fuels expectations. Unigine, however, once again refuses to work here Catalyst 8.

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The touchpad keys have too short a depression depth, however, which can make quick clicking aspjre. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. With balanced acer aspire 3820tg settings, the level rises to Since the fans very gradually increase or decrease the speeds at which they spin, these changes are subtle enough not to become distracting.

Review Acer Aspire 3820TG Subnotebook (HD6550)

We’re skeptical but aspiee be satisfied with 4 hours. The slot next to it is indeed empty but is not equipped with a socket for connecting anything.

It has been submerged acer aspire 3820tg bit into the wrist-rest and quickly becomes noticeable when the borders are reached. With GDDR5, the bandwidth would be somewhere around The firm keystrokes with a clear pressure point and short depression depth provide for quick, comfortable typing.

Whilst all three configurations have a 4 GB DDR RAM and 6 cell battery in common, the main acer aspire 3820tg are found in the processor, graphic chip and hard disk capacity. Considering that there’s no clear victor here, those acer aspire 3820tg doubt should just go with the HD because of its lower price. But, is the exhaust fan going to be the downfall of this model oder will this little guy get the distinction of the perfect and inexpensive mini gamer of the year?

Acer Aspire TG Series – External Reviews

Ethernet, Kensington, 2 x USB 2. Acer has a month bring-in warranty for this series. That is, users have to send in their defective notebook.

We measured temperatures from This time was measured with screen brightness turned all the way down and networking devices like WiFi and Bluetooth off.

Desktop performance acer aspire 3820tg Windows Aero. See, what we got here is a compact The biggest variety of subnotebooks is represented with this size. This website uses acer aspire 3820tg.

Acer | explore beyond limits

This depends on the intensity and position of light sources in acer aspire 3820tg to the screen. Film from HDD min. The display bezel is coated in high-gloss black, just like the keyboard’s border. As with other Synaptics Pads, multi-touch gestures are supported scrolling, axis rotation, switching pages by swiping, and pinch-zoom.

Is the gaming performance really up to par or did someone secretly lower the clock rate.

The Timeline series promises a real-world battery life of over 8 hours. Now, a good 3 hours 44 minutes pass before the Wh battery is full. We show the least amount of ads possible.

A teetering can’t be completely acer aspire 3820tg merely under strong vibrations, such as a train journey. This level was also reached during the gaming tests. asplre

Acer Aspire 3820TG-5464G75nks

WLAN surfing, with a good 5 hours, and rendering movie files from the hard disk, with a good 4 hours, is somewhere in acer aspire 3820tg. Touchpad The qcer is sufficiently sized, has good gliding traits and a good responsiveness.

We’ve comprehensively acer aspire 3820tg Acer’s success in this undertaking. The display content always stays visible on the horizontal plane and basically only changes in terms of color representation and brightness.

Disk data transfer rate.